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Acrylic Boxes


Acrylic boxes are used and involved in quite a wide range of industries, such as household daily use, clothing industry, food industry, exhibition industry, cosmetic industry and so on. Everyone can see it in large supermarkets, specialty shop counters and exhibitions. Its main purpose is to display and showcase merchandise and artwork, and to serve as a promotion and a sales promotion. Acrylic boxes can not only be used to display products and store them, but also to package them to enhance their quality and texture.

Acrylic products can be customised to suit individual requirements, customers only need to provide details of the required custom size, thickness etc. as drawings and samples. We will create a stylish and beautiful acrylic display box based on the product features and customer requirements, and then match it to the products you need to sell for an immediate and refreshing presentation.

High-grade products are displayed in acrylic display boxes, which can be designed to match the product promotion, plus creative LOGO signage, so that the product is more visible in front of consumers, thereby increasing the role of product promotion and advertising.
1, acrylic in addition to the unparalleled high brightness, but also good toughness, not easy to break, bright colours, can meet the pursuit of different tastes in personality.
2, shape customization, acrylic display boxes can be customized to a variety of shaped, through the laser cutting machine, the acrylic carved into the desired shape, so that the display box appearance more personalized more exquisite.
3, acrylic display box high-definition picture content, curved cutting edge rounded precision, high-precision laser cutting machine, can make the acrylic cutting edge smooth and rounded does not hurt the hand.
In terms of box custom packaging, we can customize candy boxes, flower boxes, birdcage boxes, tissue boxes, business card boxes, hotel room items boxes, cosmetic supplies storage boxes, etc. Precisely customized to the size required by the customer!

Chengdu Hongdao Signage Co., Ltd. is a signage manufacturer, through the introduction of advanced coastal technology team and production equipment, to manufacture exquisite products. We take "integrity, quality and service" as the market operation criteria, and serve real estate, scenic spots, clean government culture, transportation, campus culture, hotel, wine culture and other fields. Originally, the products in these fields are produced in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other coastal large-scale production plants, with the introduction of our company's management and technical personnel from coastal enterprises, the construction of production equipment and environment, we have become a western region with exquisite technology, excellent service with a cutting-edge management technology and service entity manufacturers. The workshop is more than 4,000 square meters, and the production staff is more than 30 people, to provide you with better service. Nowadays, we have produced many successful cases for major decoration projects, hotels, liquor brands, communications, shopping malls, banks, hospitals, schools and other units.
Hongdao pursues its own value with the spirit and culture of "self-improvement, attentiveness, diligence and happiness", and takes "integrity, quality and service" as the market operation criterion.
Hongdao acrylic production, guide brand, silk screen printing is a one-stop production enterprise, the existing standard production plant of more than 2,000 square meters, relevant management and technical personnel are from the coastal area, with first-class management and production technology, industry high-end production equipment, to provide a good guarantee for the production of high-end products.


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