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The First Hainan International Tourism Equipment Expo Held at the Hainan Free Trade Port

2020-11-27 HAIXUNPRESS

-HAIXUNPRESS-Zero tariffs, low tax rate, simplified tax system...Since the release of the Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, a large number of preferential policies have been implemented to vitalize the development of global free trade ports, provide new development opportunities for Hainan, and promote the high-quality development of the tourism industry, a pillar industry of Hainan Province.


The autogyro at the exhibition

The emergence of new-format tourism products such as road trips, waterfront tourism, low-altitude sightseeing tourism, and outdoor sports has boosted market demands for high-end tourism equipment like recreational vehicles, yachts, low-flying aircraft, cable cars, and recreation facilities. Under this background, the 2020 Hainan International Tourism Equipment Expo was born at the right moment. It was included in the main activities of the Hainan International Tourism Island Carnival when it was first held, providing a platform for citizens and visitors to experience the trendy "land, sea and air" tourism.

On November 20, Haikou saw the opening of the three-day 2020 Hainan International Tourism Equipment Expo. Various new equipment attracted widespread attention from tourists and citizens, including intelligent manned autonomous flying machines, 360-degree transparent star gazing houses, unmanned sightseeing vehicles, autogiros, fixed-wing aircraft, etc.

The transparent star gazing house is particularly favored by tourists and citizens. This circular house consists of a master bedroom and a bathroom. It has a comfortable bed of 1.8 meters in diameter in the bedroom and eye-catching pink light. The house can meet the requirements of numerous application scenarios including scenic areas, camps, and resorts.

According to the organizing committee, this year's tourism equipment expo takes "New Tourism, New Equipment, New Development" as the theme. It set three major exhibition halls for high-end tourism transport equipment, tourism infrastructure equipment, and sports equipment for outdoor travel. There were also eight exhibition areas, covering smart travel, recreational vehicles and camping equipment, outdoor tourism facilities, recreation facilities, outdoor sports equipment, marine tourism equipment, low-altitude flying equipment, and national tourist destinations.

"China's tourism equipment expo at the Hainan Free Trade Port provides countless wonderful things." Personnel in charge of the Organizing Committee indicated that the Expo is of profound significance to the internationalization of the tourism industry.

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